Who decides?

Money, finance, power, etc.

The power to put more money in circulation rests in the hands of for-profit commercial banks. And the constant creation of money widens wealth inequality. Under a wellbeing economy, no person or institution accrues perverse wealth, power, or influence. A wellbeing economy encourages local currencies to check the power of large corporations and encourage sustainable consumption.

Fossil Fuel Companies Push “Market-Based Solutions” to Climate Change (Karl Evers-Hillstrom & Raymond Arke)

Energy giants reportedly invested more than $1 billion in the three years following the Paris climate agreement to sell lawmakers and the general public on gradual climate policy.

The Creation of Money and the Illusion of Wealth (via Steady State Revolution)

“Money is not a real object, its value is abstract, and controlling large sums of it is imaginary wealth.” This article explores the current state of money and finance and offers solutions for how we can reform our current system of currency.

Reimagining Money (Douglas Rushkoff)

What if markets were designed to build trust instead of wealth?