We need governments that will support the pursuit of holistic wellbeing—for all people and the planet. Moving toward global wellbeing will require international collaboration and collective action. All levels of government and jurisdictions will be instrumental in kickstarting a movement and culture shift toward an economy built for everyone and the planet.

Ireland Becomes Second Country to Declare Climate Emergency (Olivia Rosane)

Governments are beginning to understand and accept the fact that we are on the brink of an environmental crisis, and in order to avert catastrophe, we need to use our existing organizations to mitigate these existential threats. This article is a piece of journalism reporting on Ireland’s decision to declare climate emergency.

What ‘Living in Truth’ Looks Like in the Face of Climate Catastrophe (Wen Stephenson)

The Green New Deal is centerstage in American climate politics. What are governments doing (and failing to do) for the future of the planet in the age of information?

New Zealand’s Next Liberal Milestone: A Budget Guided by Wellbeing (Charlotte Graham-McLay)

It’s time that the spending of our national budgets are dictated by what best encourages the wellbeing of all citizens. New Zealand is the first country to abandon traditional bottom-line economic success metrics like GDP growth in favor of metrics that are more representative of human and planetary wellbeing—evaluating things like community, cultural connection, and planetary health.