Healthy Environment

Our weather patterns are dramatically changing. The atmosphere is warming. Sea levels are rising. Our forests have fewer trees every day. And all of these consequences are connected. It’s time that we stop disregarding the environment, viewing it as an incompatibility with economic activity—the health of the planet must be at the center of our economic goals.

From Sustainable to Regenerative (Sustainability Snack)

Daniel Wahl explains the difference between sustainability and regenerative design, explaining that both are better than our current behavior, but regenerative design would be the best possible option.

What Survival Looks Like After the Oceans Rise (Jacopo Pasotti)

The effects of climate change affect poor communities more than their wealthier counterparts. The constantly rising sea level will force a substantial number of people to relocate. This is the story of a coastal Bangladeshi town lost to devastating storms and a changing climate.

CO2 Levels Hit 415 Parts Per Million for First Time in Over 3 Million Years (Jon Queally)

Atmospheric levels of carbon registered 415 parts per million over the weekend at one of the world’s key measuring stations, a concentration level researchers say has not existed in more than 3 million years — before the dawn of human history.