What do we want? How much do we need?

Economic growth, success metrics, consumerism

An economy should have clearly-defined goals that reflect values of equality, fairness, and inclusion. “Economic growth” is conventionally measured by GDP growth, which we wrongly conflate with wellbeing. An economy based on wellbeing is evaluated by a set of metrics that accurately reflect the values the economy was built to support. A wellbeing economy operates with a consciousness of the collective consumption culture and its relationship with our end goals of health, happiness, and fulfillment—after meeting the basic material needs of all people.

Growth or Life? (The Rules)

Every day, we are told that global economic growth will save us. But think about it: How is it possible to have infinite growth on a finite planet? We’re forced to choose: growth or life?

Happy Beyond GDP (Katherine Trebeck)

Bobby Kennedy once said “GDP measures everything, in short, apart from that which makes life worthwhile.” We need to redefine our economic goals. In this video, Katherine Trebeck discusses how we, as a collective, can be happy beyond our conventional notions of economic growth.

Inequality and the Ecological Transition (Jason Hickel)

Five steps to help the planet and shrink inequality simultaneously.